Today’s PTA is empowered, informed and responsible. Today’s PTA is a powerful network of nearly 5 million people dedicated to making a difference in the education, health and safety of America’s children.

■ Joining PTA is a great way to support our school.
■ PTA membership shows the children that we care about their education.
■ We partner with the principal, teachers, students and staff to make the campus safe, welcoming, a hub of learning and a fun place to be!
■ Our PTA serves and supports our children and the programs at school.

In addition, California State PTA has implemented the new Electronic Membership System, where memberships can be renewed, or one can join as a new member.

To join online, please click on Electronic Membership.  Besides the $10 membership fee, a $1.00 processing fee will be charged to your account.  If you are signing up a student, please indicate the name of the English Class teacher.  Read our blog on Involving Students in PTA.  Thank you!

You may also join by completing a membership envelope.  To request for one, or if you have any questions, please email Yoshiko Kim, Membership chair, at