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Vote YES on 31: Protect Kids From Candy-Flavored Tobacco (11/8)

California State PTA urges all parents, teachers, members, advocates, and citizens to support Prop 31. Additional resources can be found here

In other words, if approved/supported by the voters (YES votes) this proposition would allow SB 793 to go into effect and make it illegal to sell flavored tobacco products in the state of California. A law that would protect the children and families of California.

The voter registration deadline is 15 days before Election Day and the registration must be postmarked or submitted electronically no later than October 24, so, register early! (

Since the passage of SB 793 in 2020, corporations that manufacture tobacco products like Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds have spent millions to delay the law, with the goal of stopping it permanently. 

Proposition 31 asks voters whether they want to approve or reject the law regarding flavored tobacco products that was already passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor. A YES vote means that you approve SB 793 and want to keep it. 

Knowing Your Family’s Rights: Students Have Rights, Too!

Parents who understand students’ rights can be more effective advocates for their children. Your PTA will be more successful, and plans will go more smoothly with a solid understanding of some basic laws that govern schools in California. It’s particularly helpful to be familiar with recent laws related to student rights. (

On-Demand tutoring now available to all LAUSD students through

Eagles, did you know that you can get homework help on demand? You should see a link for on the left side column in your Schoology classes. will connect you with a real-live person who can help you with whatever you’re stuck on.

Tutors are available to help you with reading, math, and much more! You can connect by voice or chat and work with your tutor in an online classroom. Get expert help in a safe, secure virtual learning space—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Parent Workshop: Suicide Awareness (9/23 9:30a)

Zoom link: | ID: 893 0738 8972

Learn how to identify a child’s self-injury and suicide risk and how to connect them to the appropriate resources in LAUSD and in the community.

Importance of implementing a safety plan in reducing the risk of suicide and self-injury.

Explore the importance of incorporating self-care strategies for ourselves as we support our children during stressful situations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our journalism advisor, Mr. Hicks is seeking parent volunteers who want to be copy editors for the school’s digital paper. If you would like to help and do this from home, please send an email.

Our librarian, Ms. Olsen, is working on many projects and turning to parent volunteers to lend a hand. They include but are not limited to: 

  • Consistent volunteers to lead reading incentive program
  • Volunteers to help with processing and covering new books 
  • Volunteers who want to work on library displays, promotions, or other programming       
  • This will be in-person volunteering. If interested please send an email.